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Changing the Way You Think


Judy works in a toll booth on one of the busiest

bridges in the area.† Day after day she does the same

dreary routine.† Life seems boring, unfulfilled and

lifeless.† One day she decide to make an effort to try

and make the best of her work situation.† She started

with a smile and then added an ingredient of

cheerfulness to her day.†


She noticed that most times, her new attitude was

received well from the fast pace customers.† She would

receive a genuine pleasing greeting in return.† Judy realized that her joy was contagious.† Spreading joy from her to total strangers made her feel better about herself and her job situation.† Judy had successfully made the effort to change her circumstances by first changing the way she thinks.


When you find your life has little meaning or impact, you need to look deep within yourself and start moving forward to change from the inside out.† Pray that God will bring revelation and understanding on what you need to do to make that change.† Ask God to give you a new attitude, direction and goal.


Remember that we are Godís children and we need to be encouragers and examples for Christ.† The closer our relationship and trusting with God, the more He will help us develop joy within us.† Get to know Him, love Him and trust Him.† You need to start with God first before you can do anything else.


Whatever you do in life or how you feel about your circumstances, find the good qualities with what you have.†† Write those qualities down, look at them often and thank God for those gifts.† Once you start changing the way you think, the rest will come.† Itís something that will need to be worked on daily, but† what a wonderful way to bring joy into your life.



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