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I tossed and turned all night long.† I thought about the job interview over and over in my head.† I could have done better.† The little voice kept echoing in my mind.


The job was only minutes away from my home.† The part-time hours were prefect for picking up my kids after school.† Lord knows we needed the money.† Copies of my resume have been emailed all over searching for any job available.† It had been six long months without any response.†


Day after day while searching through the internet I prayed that God would give me the right job.† Nothing came.† No phone call.† No response.† Nothing.† God, canít you hear me?† I wondered to myself.† Then one afternoon, I received an email from a position I applied for three months ago!† Maybe this is the job Iíve been praying for.†


The interview went well...not great...just okay.† The heavens didnít open up when meeting my ďpossibleĒ future employer.† There was nothing spectacular about our interview.† As much as I wanted this position, I walked out of that office convinced that this job would not be mine.


Two weeks went by and I combed through the job postings once again.† During the middle of emailing out one of my resumes, I got the phone call.† The job that was minutes away from home, perfect hours...they offered me the job!† Praise God!


God heard my prayers.† He had been listening all along. If only I had been patient and not doubted.† Itís been a journey getting to where Iím at today.† Today I can understand why God brought me through this process.† Maybe, if only to appreciate this gift from Him.† Thank you Father.† Thank you so much!††


During this hard and difficult economy, take a moment to think about your blessings.† Big or small these special gifts come from our Heavenly Father.† Take a moment to thank and praise Him for it.


Wishing all of you blessings!

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