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On a routine mammogram in March 2006, I was told by doctors I had a lump or mass in my right breast.† No one in my family ever had concerns associated with breast cancer, so I was a little surprised about the findings.† It was recommended that additional evaluation should be done to be sure that there was nothing serious.†† The amazing thing is that I was not afraid.† My strong walk with the Lord Jesus has made me look at these situations differently.†† ďNo weapon formed against me shall prosperÖĒ†† Isaiah 54:17† This verse ran through my mind.† It brings me peace and contentment.


On April 9th I was scheduled for surgery.† I went in with a positive attitude anticipating no cancer would be formed.† Friends, family and both Pastor Chris and Ida kept me in their prayers.


I got dressed for the procedure at the Womenís Center near Washington Hospital in Fremont.† The technician brought me into the room and had me lie on my stomach.† My right breast had to descend into a hole of the bed and I had to lie on my right ear facing the wall.† My right arm needed to lie at my side and left arm was in a salute position.† I felt like a 57 Chevy hoisted on a lift waiting for repairs.


The doctor and technician worked underneath me.† Lidocaine was administered into my right breast.† The doctor and technician waited a few minutes for the drug to take effect and they started to cut into my skin.† As the doctor started cutting into my breast, I was not numb!† I could feel the pain!† Tears ran down my face.† As they administered more lidocaine and started again, I could still felt the pain.† My body was so tense.†


I started to feel very nervous and afraid.† The enemy had instilled fear and I was scared.† I started to pray.† I stared at the wall thinking Daddy Jesus why am I going through this? I donít understand?† I then pictured my Heavenly Father standing at my bedside like a perfect Father would.† He stood comforting me and making sure I would not be harmed.† My breast finally went numb and they were able to finish up quickly leaving a small like metal in my right breast.† I was not too thrilled about a piece of metal inside me.† I just put it into the Lordís hands.


As I was helped off the table and walked into another room to take more compressions, I felt nauseous.† I asked if this was normal and the nurse said it was.† The more I kept walking, the worse I started to feel.† I was so sick to my stomach.† I turned white, I felt cold, my eyes could not focus and my blood pressure dropped.† I wanted to throw up.† All the technicians were called to my room and the nurse there quickly administered an IV bag.


The nurse reached me in time before I passed out.† That would have made it difficult to find a vein on me.† Praise God!† No weapon formed against me shall prosper!† Someone was definitely looking out for me.† The devil tried and he failed!



After several days, I returned to work.† I felt a heaviness of sadness and fear, but the Lord did something so precious that morning.† He had the nurse call me at 8:15 a.m to tell me that my biopsy results were negative!† Praise God!† No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I sensed that the Lord wanted me to be at peace right away, so He had the nurse call me early that morning.†


Praise God!† So now I can say that God protected me from the harm that tried to riddle my body.† Iím sure this will not be the last time Iím under attack, but when it does come again, Iíll declare No Weapon formed against me shall prosper!

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No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

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