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True Success


Everyone measures success differently.

Worldly success is judged by the kind of

car your drive, the kind of house you live

in, the designer purse you carry and so

on and so on. This list is endless.


True success for me is also an endless list. At the top of my list is Jesus. It was not until I allowed Jesus into my life did I understand what true success really is. Once I understood that concept, all my goals and desired changed. Jesus, of course, was responsible for the realization of this new understanding.


Think about your list of true success. Heres my list:


 Success is knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior.


 Success is having a contented heart and peace of mind.


 Success is meeting my family needs and still being able to give to others.


 Success is feeling good about the person I am because God created me.


 Success is making peace with my past and moving on.


 Success is discovering my gifts and talents and sharing it with the world.


 Success is knowing how truly wonderful my life is exactly as it is today.


 Success is doing all that I do with the same love Jesus gives me


 Success is being grateful for the many blessings bestowed on me and my family.


Take a moment to write down your success. Not your worldly success, but your spiritual ones. These successes give back much more blessing in your life than you can possible know.