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Don't do that!

In a world full of TO DO lists, here is a list

of ďdoníts.Ē† I find† it encouraging and a

helpful reminder of the things we need

to safeguard ourselves from.†


Donít let people define you.


Donít allow people to bully you.


Donít keep problems or concerns inside.† Share your concerns with† someone you trust.


Donít be afraid to try something new.


Donít be afraid of change.


Donít let failures get you down.† Itís how you get up when your down that defines you!


Donít stop learning.† Stretching your mind and learning something new helps sharpens your mind.


Donít focus on the bad things.† Donít dwell on the negative things, concentrate on the positive.


Donít be afraid to ask questions.


Donít be a victim. If you donít like your circumstances, change it!†


Donít stop reading and learning bible scripture.† There is no better way to empower yourself than with Godís word.





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