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Unwrapping Your Gifts and Talents

Some people claim they do not obtain gifts and

talents.† This statement† is not true.† God has

placed gifts and talents in each one of us, we just

donít take the time to discover them.† What keeps

us from exercising our gifts?† We put our talents on hold and make all kinds of excuses not to pursue them.† Some of us are ruled by fear and worry about looking foolish to others.† We quit before we can even get started.† Below are tips, I hope, will help encourage you to pursue them:


 What do you excel at?† What do you enjoy doing?† Ask close friends and family about your strengthens.


 Cultivate and nurture your gifts.† Be sure you pray on how to achieve this.† God wants you to use these talents to give back through good stewardship, not necessarily for personal or worldly gain.


 Make a move.† Take that singing class, apply for that job or start that website youíve always dreamed of doing!†


Itís important for all of Godís children to accomplish what He had intended for them to do.† If we apply our specific talents for Godís service, how much more blessed will you be.




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