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A Tribute to Friendships


Why do we value friendships?  This question came

to me as I enjoyed a delicious breakfast with six of

my friends one Saturday morning.  Each one chatting

away, sharing stories in between sips of coffee and small bites of fresh fruit and delicious homemade muffins.  Some of them I

keep in contact on a regular basis and others I have not

seen or spoken  to for several months.  The time away from each other may be far and in between, yet  there is a connection that draws us all together.  How

generous God is to create such a wonderful component of life - Friendships!


As I glanced at each one, I thought about the unique qualities that God has placed on them.  Each one has traits they bring into the relationship that blesses the friendship.   Below, I have listed their gifts that shine through that glorify God’s goodness:


The Encourager – One that encourage us when we need support to keep on going.


The Poet – She brings a smile to your face when you receive that note or poem that inspires you.


The Teacher - Reminds us just how awesome God is and how much He loves us.


The Helper – No matter how many miles away, she is always there to aid friends in need.


The Warrior – Will stand bravely at your side and will help strengthen you to fight off the enemy.


The Comforter – When sorrow seems to flood your soul, she is there to console you.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules that Saturday morning.  It was a memorable day.


Take some time to sit and think about the special friends God has placed in your life.  Write them a special note or call them on the phone.  Better yet, share with them their uniqueness that God has given them over breakfast on a Saturday morning.


Thank you Lord for creating Friendships!


Special thank you to Mabel and Jane (The Encourager and The Warrior) for making my 40th a special day!






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